Upon the winds of time we sail, to know the heart of all who wail. It's because we are here to embrace our love, our pain, our sorrow, our joy within. And when we learn to show our love, then God is willing to show us heard. There deep inside the winds of time, we sail upon the hearts so blind. But now, it's all going to change, because our Heaven's pour out to sing, and we are going home this day, to show the world a better way!

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Monday, October 5, 2009

The Holy Spirit In You and Me, to Remind the World of the Return of Great Spirit Mother Please!

Grandfather VeroniKA Holy Spirit teaches us to sail the seas eternally,

The flight is a gift from me to you, and you back to me again, as all your flights to all children.  This is the sailing winds, but when I was talking to Aimee Constant Looking Glass,  she the Indigo Prophet to speak, we spoke of the pipe ceremony, and this reminded me of your name, the importance of all your fame.

The flight is what you do, but what is important is the clues,  When the smoke arises from inside the pipe, is like the vacuum of empty space.  Fire and Water come home to unite, and when the smoke and steam arise, this is the place of eeriness, the place we are beholden to know the truth. You see law is the folding of truth itself, when the smoke arises to be unknown.  We follow and look like clouds above, "Am I there or am I not", the Dutchman knows, it's the ghost out there. 

We are learning to be one and all, the dark and light that does fall, but Grandfather is the diaphragm, the sails of the human breath.  Flight comes from human breath, the to and fro of emptiness, and this is like a ghost that calls, we are here to enlighten all those who call. The end result is the flight, but the place of knowledge is the breath.  You are united by this knowledge, and now it's the calm of the muse.  When we use the sound of emptiness, we remember the empty nest, the place that we are beholden to, the place with so many views.

Yes, I know you like the Holy Flight, but you are more than this flight, you are the Holy Spirit that teaches us, the way of loving is the empty nest.  We remember Great Spirit Mother and all she gifts, this is the heart we always miss.  And if we call you Holy Flight, then we do not honor our Great Mother Deer (journey).  I know you like this better that "Holy Spirit", yet, I feel beholden to speak of this, for we need honor all the leaves (relatives).  Remember our Great Spirit Mothers who need us, to be good servants and kiss the dust.  When we bow down to see the truth, then we are more likely to be a muse.  These are the clowns who teach us to laugh, and show us the way to ever-last. And if we honor your perfect name, you will show love to the highest name.  For the Greatest Spirit is our favorite Ghost, the Mother who guides us with her empty nest.  She is coming home to us, sow very soon, and I know you wish to honor her with your perfect truth.

Your devoted servant, twin deer mother, who longs to know the emptiness, the halls of down below, the caves of wombs that do glow.  And hopefully white buffalo calf woman, will reach the dream of everyone, to show them that love is law, the coming of our Great Spirit Mother who teaches us to fall, down on our knees we do pray, to learn the beloved sacred ways!

Ghost Ship - The Flying Dutchman. The phantom ship that eternally sails the sea has been witnessed. 

written by Jill Stefko (Source: Guiley, Rosemary Ellen, The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits (Facts on File, Inc., 1992) May 8, 2007 (commentary by White Buffalo Calf Woman)

The flying Dutchman, ghost ship of the legend, was seen in the Cape of Good Hope by reliable witnesses. Why does it sail?  Is it a haunting?  Illusion?  Hallucination? Mirage?  Various legends and sightings abound about this phantom ship.  Captains recorded her appearance in their logs.  A King was also a witness.

Legends of the Flying Dutchman

There are several versions of the Flying Dutchman legend, the phantom ship sighted in Africa’s Cape of Good Hope. The captains’ names vary in the legends. The sailing ship was allegedly built in the 1600s.

According to German legend, von Falkenberg and the devil played dice. The captain’s soul was at stake. He lost and was doomed to sail the sea forever.

Other versions are Dutch. Hendrick van der Decken, also spelled Vanderdecken, sailed from Amsterdam to Batavia, India and vanished in a gale while sailing in the cape because he unwisely ignored the danger. As punishment for his folly, he is doomed to sail forever. An identical legend has the names of von Straaten or Van Dam as the captain.

Captain Fokke made Holland-Java trips with unnatural speed. People thought he was in league with the devil, which is why it is said he sails eternally. The ship’s name is not revealed in the legends. The Flying Dutchman is the captain. Seeing the Flying Dutchman is considered an ill omen. Sailors nail horseshoes to masts for protection.

("This ill omen is because they did not understand heaven, nor the fate of the law of love, even the movie with Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean, show us about the empty nest when Johnny Depp gets trapped inside of emptiness. The Captain called the Flying Dutchman was only there because of his eternal love of the Great Mother played by a Negro Woman, as the Black peoples represent our Mother Nation.  We need understand the empty nest, the eternal love she bonds with us, and how heaven will bring us LAW, the law of love, upon the Red Road.  Here is the united of east and west, the eternal horizon of the sailing winds.  We are the beholden who must respect our Elders, including our Great Spirit Mother!" says White Buffalo Calf Woman.)

The Flying_Dutchman

 The Flying Dutchman by Albert Pinkham Ryder

The captain of the Dutchman
The captain is called Van der Decken (of the decks) in Marryat's version and Ramhout van Dam in Irving's. Sources disagree on whether "Flying Dutchman" was the ship or a nickname for her captain. Most versions say the captain swore he would continue round the Cape of Good Hope in a storm even if it took until Judgment Day. Other versions say some crime took place on board, or the crew was infected with plague and not allowed to sail into port. Since then, the ship and its crew were doomed to sail forever. According to some, this happened in 1641, others give 1680 or 1729.

(It is the refraction, reflection and mirage of our dreams that allow us to unfold into Flesh, the spirit of our breath.  This story is based on the eternal love of the Great Spirit Mother who holds us in empty space.  Who never, and I mean never turns her back towards you, good, bad, evil, for her heart leads us eternally into Heaven's portal, the shore of luminosity, we all paradise of Mother Earth. We sail eternally across the horizon with the spiritual breath that unifies the light with the dark, our earth and our heaven, and paradise upon the sailing seas and paradise upon the windy shores.  Here we are the images of perfection, in each of us who long to know LOVE.  We show respect each day, when we honor the Earth we feel and touch and we honor the Heaven we feel and sense.  When we unite both shores, we know trust, this is true love, that is eternal.  LOVE is Hard Work and we need FIGHT for this world and the law of the horizon, when we find the treasures of the Rainbow, for at the end of the Rainbow, we find the pot of gold.  Here is the Golden time of abundance and Brotherhood, when our tears of suffering from the Sisterhood of the heart again begins to reemerge when the third phase of evolution comes home to roost.  

Are you ready?  For only the fittest will remain, while those who disbelieve in the "Holy Spirit", shall perish, on the JUDGMENT DAY, upon us soon.  Forgive, Pray and use Song with all we do and say, for only the Fittest shall survive, not to say the Physically fit, but the humble and the meek shall inherit the Earth, the "Spiritual Fit." says White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother. Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy Arise! Yellow Chief says this, "I accept this challenge!")

Be the Rainbow Warrior, Stand your Ground and Speak your Heart

Help another person to validate your heart.  If they are unable, realize that you need to bless and give law, by uniting the heart. Ask for a hug. (Hearts unite is law of love, the Red Road).  If you cannot get this Hug, be sure to send love and sacred hearts blessing, realizing they do not know how to walk the Red Road, the law of love, which unites two hearts.  Get a hug, Demand a Hug. Wife and Mother, stand your ground on this, especially for men.  We fight only for one reason, to unite separated hearts. It is imperative that Man switch from Left Brain Rationalism to Right Brain Heart.  For only Woman can integrate (Neural synapses bundles at the center of the brain at the place cranial bones move like a butterfly with each breath.) brain hemispheres at the same time, because Man or light, and is on a Mission. This means Woman needs to ask for the hug, for this is the physical law of love, the Red Road.  She is the "Fire Tender", or unseen (numinous, soul body) embrace to the fire's light of Man (luminous, physical body). Remember, to validate the heart.  Its speaks, "My spirit recognizes your spirit, the eternal flow of Oneness there is love."

Isaiah 61:1 The spirit of the sovereign Lord (Great Spirit Father) is upon me, because the Lord has chosen me (Rainbow Warrior). He has commissioned me to encourage the poor, to help the brokenhearted (those who do not understand their own perfection), to decree the release of captives (standing for truth and protection), and the freeing of prisoners (blessing the impure), 2 to announce the year when the Lord will show his favor, the day when our God will seek vengeance (purify the world), to console all who mourn (for the Realms of Heaven and Earth), 3 to strengthen those who mourn in Zion (heaven on earth), by giving them a turban (kingsmen), instead of ashes (impure are purified through the fire of purification), oil symbolizing joy (creation in bliss, smells remember the heart of the soul), instead of mourning (when the heart's soul is not free and sorrow is known), a garment symbolizing praise (colors of the rainbow tools of light, which are sacred), instead of discouragement (without knowledge, and no vision quest is sought.). They will be called oaks (strength of the tree of life, fastened and still as the winds of the impure souls flow through you) of righteousness (warriors standing firm in law of love), trees planted (rainbow warriors of prophecy) by the Lord to reveal his splendor.

Another big word, “eschatology” is the study of last things (end of millennium, the second phase of evolution and the beginning of the third rolling hill in time); it is the portion of doctrine that deals with the events yet to come, such as the second coming (crystal people), the judgment (lavender people), the eternal state (law of love). It is primarily concerned with “Messianic” events (Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy), things the Messiah (Yourself, a twin heart) will do to fulfill all things.

The Sovereign Lord of Heaven is Great Spirit Mother.  Great Spirit Father is the Sovereign Lord over Earth.  We of earth reach for heaven's embrace and stand firm with the Great Ones at the Eastern Shore, the Sovereign Reign of the Lords Great Spirit Mother and Great Spirit Father, the "Holy Spirits from the deep and beyond."  Welcome home to the Dawning!

The Heart of the World I am, Whispering Willow, the Blue Person. 

Today I got angry, then I gave up, then I didn't care. Later I started to throw verbal punches and even physical violence.  But I wanted to get what I want...

If I said this instead, I could get what I want and everybody else would get what they want too. So here goes...

"I am really mad at you!"
Wait for them to respond. (What if they walk away? Then you stood your ground as a warrior defending the heart which knows truth. Demand a moral code, care about your relations.) What if they say, "I am really mad at you too?"  You would say, "I heard you, you're really mad too!"  Make sure you validate the others heart. This way, you know they will be able to listen to you.  If no validation, then no communication. The heart must speak.(The way to happiness.) Continuing, "I am really mad at you".  That wasn't nice what you did."  Going onward about the behavior and explaining the hearts feeling.  After, feelings are expressed, clarifying point of view, then.  Resolve the issue by saying, "How can we do it better, next time?"

Holiness Running Eagle sending you love to heal your heart!

Heart Song of Whispering Willow, the blue person
My wings of glory keep me on the ground and speech of love's embrace.  How can I tell my love azure the coming of pure grace.  My heart whispers to me clearly each day, and I find myself in a pain, but if I can find the road of pure then you can do the same. 
Why does my heart speak true to you, how does my mirror glow?  I am the same of you and me the blue eternity.  Come hold my hand and understand that love must take a stand, which way i go, is your moral code of love or shame azure (dark night sky).  Keep faith in me, I am the sea, the blue of eternal grace.  My heart knows I am the blue,  keep it warm in the most loving place.  We fly together forever in the blissful sky and find the dragon and the ties.  But if I fight for God's good name, I fly to beat the sky.  I am the brother of love to you, the heart of pure delight.  My sister of love can take me there if my soul remembers the embrace.
I am here.  I love you, do not forget the bleu (freedom's reflection).

Amen (One for all, all for One)

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother and Drumbeat of the Heart by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, the house of the beloved, Elders in the Dream!

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