Upon the winds of time we sail, to know the heart of all who wail. It's because we are here to embrace our love, our pain, our sorrow, our joy within. And when we learn to show our love, then God is willing to show us heard. There deep inside the winds of time, we sail upon the hearts so blind. But now, it's all going to change, because our Heaven's pour out to sing, and we are going home this day, to show the world a better way!

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Who*s Rules Do I Play?

 For you "Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy"
Title: Who*s Rules Do I Play?

Writtten by: VeroniKA Holy Spirit

Grandfather Light (Elder Whitey Person)
Sail on the Breath

There is a long time we play the game
without knowing any rule
and so we play it and play it
as we do not know the rules
we cannot change them

we get a glimpse of a rule
and more rules within

and then we begin to play the game by the now known rules

they are common as we experience

and later on
we begin to change our rules within the game
with this changing rules
begins a changing roles

many of our co-players still do not know the rules yet

and so we show them (or not?!)
that we changed the rules

and as time is linear
the changed rules take their time
till all know about the possibility
of changing rules and roles

but they see
that there is more "fun" within

begin to change the rules too
but more and more

the hardest rule to crack
is the fear ...
and the deepest fear
is the fear of death

or in other words
the fear of life...

but why fear of life
when life is eternally

one rule shows itself after next
and the deeper the rules are hidden
the longer they hide

a kind of fore-play...
with smiling eyes
back on back
feet on feet
hand on hand
nose on nose
brow on brow

some are playing with me

to play with
is to support
to listen by heart

when love is on the board
there is no referee....

I love you all from the bottom of my heart
thank you for being here
with me
wherever you are

for you "Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy"

Sail on the Breath

Sung by VeroniKA Holy Spirit

Grandfather Light (Elder Whitey Person)

Those who seek purity

will be blessed with divine vision

and will see the miracle of life

I bless the world

I bless my self

I bless you


Title: Changing Evolutionary Rules

Rules are changing over time, can we stay fit for the new time?  We are going to have demonstrations, of how limited our minds have become.  Lets gift our souls the wings to fly.  It's in everyone, just as soon as they learn to run.  Sow you see, it's all upon you, just trust your instincts, and jump out into the view.  The river will catch you if you let is be, part of your tears that are willing to drown in thee.  But if you think that vision will carry you through, then you will listen to the new cosmic soup. There inside the dark and damp of you, will rise a new light, the one who visions and seas. Then you will see rules will change for you and me, when law of love is all that you sea!  Use your heart, not your head, for the skills you need today, are called FITNESS of tomorrows rain, the place that will be flooded, the place that will be cleansed. Only the fire of the light inside the rain, will smoke sacred ruins, the place we call our home.  And Mother and Father merge triumphantly, to be good parents, who are married with glee!

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother who flows with you over rolling hills!

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