Upon the winds of time we sail, to know the heart of all who wail. It's because we are here to embrace our love, our pain, our sorrow, our joy within. And when we learn to show our love, then God is willing to show us heard. There deep inside the winds of time, we sail upon the hearts so blind. But now, it's all going to change, because our Heaven's pour out to sing, and we are going home this day, to show the world a better way!

The Heart of the Matter

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Sunday, October 11, 2009


I am the me within me
I am the me within you
I am the you within me
you are the you within you
you are the me within you
you are the you within me

We are one

but when I am 100% me
and you are 100% you
who this me or you within

thee (all)

VeroniKA Holy Spirit Sails the Seas Sings to thee, the heart's bliss from me to thee! 

Warriors of the Earth  

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